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The idea giving rise to these designs is over 33 years old. When our first son was born, I produced a jewellery set with our son's, my wife's and my own fingerprints etched into the surface. Fingerprints, lip-prints and many others offer an extensive selection of textures and profiles to truly personalise the rings. As an option, diamonds may be set within. See rings...
KR 624A

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Name: KR 624A
Material: Yellow gold
Price: from 820 EUR

KR 720

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Name: KR 720
Material: White gold / Pink gold
Price: from 845 EUR

KR 377b

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Name: KR 377b
Material: Palladium
Price: from 772 EUR

KR 367b

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Name: KR 367b
Material: Yellow gold / Palladium
Price: from 858 EUR

KR 593e

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Name: KR 593e
Material: Palladium / Yellow gold / Pink gold
Price: from 878 EUR

WR 65b

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Name: WR 65b
Material: Yellow gold / Palladium
Price: from 876 EUR

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